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Some of Pastel & Rosen, LLP's Accomplishments


Expansion of group personal excess laws. Chapter 544 Laws of 2010.

Preserved subrogation rights for no-fault additional personal injury protection (APIP). Chapter 494 of the Laws of 2009.

Extended the company employee adjusting licensing exemption within the holding company structure. Chapter 301 Laws of 2008.

Flexible rating auto/coastal protection, including provisions to withdraw from the personal lines auto market for de minimus books of business. Chapter 136 Laws of 2008.

Family protection coverage; expanded the definition of burglary and theft insurance to include coverage against stalking and threatened acts of violence. Chapter 294 Laws of 2006.

Required the purchase of an index number in lower courts as a means to track and to defend no-fault lawsuits. Chapter 452 Laws of 2005.

Required notice of premium financing to insurance wholesalers. Chapter 527 Laws of 2004.

Reduced time insurers of for-hire vehicles to be held responsible for non-payment of premiums from 45 days to 20 days. Chapter 613 Laws of 2002.

Permitted boiler insurance to be written by cooperative property/casualty insurance companies. Chapter 229 Laws of 2002.

Provided more equitable funding for the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. Chapter 232 Laws of 2001.

Allowed employer sponsored group personal excess insurance to be written in New York as a exception to the general prohibition against group property/casualty insurance. Chapter 528 Laws of 1998.

Allowed for binding authority for excess line brokers. Chapter 225 Laws of 1997.

Allocated more funds to no-fault fraud prosecutions.

Permitted adoption termination expense insurance to be written in New York. Chapter 190 Laws of 1994.

Authorized managed care for no-fault.

Regulatory (a few Pastel & Rosen, LLP’s “firsts”)

Successfully advised first conversion of an advance premium cooperative property/casualty insurer to a stock property/casualty insurer in over a decade.

First property/casualty speed to market filing to be adopted.

First approval of withdrawal from auto personal lines under section 3425(r).

First mold remediation sub-limit to be approved.


Articles by Robert Pastel

"Who Invented Sharing Anyway," Your NY Connection Magazine, a publication of the New York Insurance Association, Winter 2015
Discusses the sharing economy and insurance. 

"Sprinklers" with Thomas A. White, Your NY Connection Magazine, Spring 2015
Analyzes the use of fire suppression sprinklers in residential homes.

"Going Alternative: The Emergence and Growth of the Alternate Reinsurance Market," Your NY Connection Magazine, Fall 2015  
Describes the growth and use of cat reinsurance bonds.


Presentations by Robert Pastel

Presbyterian and Progeny: Whither No Fault?
March 19, 2009
Part of NYIA’s Staying Abreast of Property and Casualty Insurance Legal Issues CLE/CE Seminar

Survival Strategies in a Challenging Economic Environment
November 5, 2009
Part of NYIA’s Annual Meeting

No-Fault on Trial
March 11, 2010
Part of NYIA’s Prevailing New York Legal Issues for Property and Casualty Insurers CLE/CE Seminar

Impact of Federal & International Initiatives on the New York Insurance Industry
March 10, 2011
Part of NYIA’s Legal Issues Affecting P&C Insurers CLE/CE Seminar

Hydrofracking’s Legal and Insurance Ramifications
October 12, 2011
Part of NYIA’s Emerging Liabilities in New York CE Seminar


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