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Robert S. Pastel

Robert Pastel  

Robert S. Pastel, Esq. served as the Insurance Committee Counsel to the New York State Assembly Insurance Committee from 1984 to 1991. In 1992 he served as the Housing Committee Counsel. Since 1993 he has represented primarily property/casualty insurance clients before the New York State Legislature, the Governor’s office, and various state agencies including the New York State Department of Financial Services. More recently, he has also been actively engaged in transactional work on behalf of clients involving Form A approvals, product approvals, conversion to a stock property/casualty insurance company, personal lines withdrawal applications, 718 USC Section 1033(e) exemption requests, and other compliance activities. Mr. Pastel has participated as a certified instructor on topical property/casualty insurance issues for both continuing education and continuing legal education.


Michael E. Rosen

Michael Rosen


Michael E. Rosen, Esq. served as Counsel to the Standing Senate Committees of Insurance and Consumer Protection and has maintained close working relationships with members and staff of both parties. Upon entering private practice, Michael has engaged in general practice of law with a focus on real property, non-for-profit and corporate law along with the firm’s government relations work. While working in the legislature, he helped draft the state’s initial Lemon Law, Used Car Lemon Law and the Fair Franchise Disclosure Act. Both partners assisted in drafting and negotiating the landmark Property Casualty Reform Bill which was enacted as Chapter 220, Laws of 1986.

Both partners engage in the general practice of law working primarily in the areas of real estate, not-for-profit corporation law, corporate and limited liability companies/partnership and wills, trusts and estates.

Pastel & Rosen, LLP
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Engaging in the general practice of law with an emphasis on representing property/casualty insurance companies for legislative and regulatory work.